In order to celebrate his 40th birthday with some style and adventure, Client #254 and his friends planned a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Nepal that culminated in a climb of the Himalayas.  On the evening before the hike, my client and his friends were to enjoy an unforgettable 5-course meal served up in a secret location by yours truly.

This is Part II in a three part series. To read Part I, click here.


With most of the evening's preparations in order and a full day on my hands, I set out to view more must-see sights around Kathmandu Valley. I returned to Durbar Square and took in the sights and architecture I missed the day prior. I then hopped in a cab and traveled to Bhaktapur, the Place of Devotees. Here I came across more ancient temples and statues. Next was Pashupatinath, the place in the city where bodies of the deceased are brought for their cleaning and burning ceremony. It was a sobering trip to say the least, yet also beautiful to see families gathered to perform their ritual. My final stop was Boudhanath,one of the largest stupas in the world and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The history, tradition, and symbolism of the site was humbling. I enjoyed the opportunity to join other visitors in a meditative lap around the structure, spinning prayer wheels and reflecting. At the front of the stupa, I was fascinated to find colorful sculptures constructed entirely of butter. They were gorgeous.

That evening's dinner party was an undeniable success. My guests were alerted to the location of their pop up a mere hour before the event was to begin. They made their way to me and, upon walking into the venue, were taken aback by the atmosphere. I had transformed an empty flat into a vibrant dining room complete with Nepalese music humming in the background. Their 5-course meal consisted of American and Nepalese favorites, including a field greens and mixed berries salad and a warm bowl of thukpa, a soup that had become a favorite of my client during his time in Nepal. The evening closed with cordials and warmed brownies a la mode. Everyone left with sleepy eyes and overstuffed bellies. My job was complete.

Below are some photos from the day of the event. Enjoy, and stay tuned for Part 3, coming soon!