Summer season is picnic season and with July 4th— arguably the biggest occasion for a picnic there is!- coming up, it’s the perfect time to dust off that red checkered blanket and pull out that well-worn wicker basket.


Ok, let’s be real. No one actually has all that, do they…?


It’s 2017 and although the good old American picnic may be ideal for a nostalgic 90’s baby, health-oriented millennials want a little more bad and bougie. Vegans especially are looking for an upgrade to the typical meat-fest of a ‘Merican picnic. More often than not, we are only able to enjoy one or two dishes— the ones we brought and have to guard with our lives because we are already getting the short end of the… picnic.


If you’re planning on hosting a vegan picnic, or are interested in not starving your vegan friends at your meat and mayo extravaganza, read on. On this 4th of July, the day we remember our brave independence from our former British overlords, these are the dishes we recommend to spice up your celebratory lawn soiree.


Rain drop. Drop top.


1. Tacos

Sandwiches are classic. But Tacos are the future. They’re a little more down to earth (less high tea finger sandwich-y) and absolutely fun. Plus, it’s easy to offer a vegan option.


2. Vegan Tortellini Kabob

Kabobs are a staple to almost all summer backyard grilling events. And when you’re vegan and not depending on the grill, it’s easy to keep these babies cold and portable.


3. Vegan Mayo

No not by itself. But whipping up some vegan mayo will make classics like Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, and Macaroni Salad options your vegan friends can share!


4. Bean Burgers

Burgers are more of a barbecue and less of a picnic item. But this is America and we make our own rules.


5. Hummus, Tabbouleh, Feta, Cucumber Dill Salad

Pretty much any dish from the mediterranean is picnic ready.


6. Vegan Corn Salad

There is almost nothing more American than corn. We quite literally grow more corn in this country than anywhere else in the world. But instead of throwing it on the grill, throw it into your picnic basket as a corn salad. Nostalgic and progressive. A true millennial’s dish.  


7. Vegan Summer Rolls


8. Avocados

As toast, as dip, on salad, in smoothie. Avocados may be basic but that’s for good reason. Avocado toast is a dish that’ll keep any brunch regular more than happy at your picnic!


9. Fruit Smoothie Bowls

Speaking of smoothies… pack mini fruit smoothie cups on ice for a refreshing and light dessert!


10. Vegan Cookies: S’mores and Classic Chocolate Chip

S’mores require fire. S’more cookies require eating.


Protip: To keep your food safe and to stop spoilage, eat as soon as the blanket hits the grass. We promise, no one will judge you!


Planning a picnic is a lot of work. You have to find the right dishes and glasses and tupperwares, not to mention ice packs, drinks, and figuring out what to do with all of that leftover trash. The 4th is only a few days away and if you’re not the type to think well under pressure— or corale your friends into turning your Independence Day bash into a potluck— let le banQ cook something up for you! Give us a call today and let’s work together to make this the best lawn fiesta yet.